Pool Water Quality Standards / Guidelines

Each country has evolved standards for pool water quality and preferred methods of treatment. These standards are continually upgraded in the light of new findings & developments. Few countries has releases their guidelines for swimming pool water quality, safety & treatment methodology. There are many countries, following these standards & guideline for swimming pool water quality, safety & treatment methodology.

Some of the standards & guidelines are :

Guidelines For Safe Recreational Water Swimming Pool - WHO
Public Swimming Pool & Spa Pool Guidelines - New South Wales Health
APVMA Guide For Demonstrating Efficiency of Spa Sanitizers
Swimming Pool Guidelines Black Town City Council
Queensland Health Swimming & Spa Pool Water Quality & Operational Guidelines
German DIN 19643

Swimming Pool Pressure Sand Filter Selection Guide :

Swimming pool pressure sand filter vessel are selected from swimming pool volume, desired turnover time & filtration velocity.
Turnover* time is the time taken by recirculation pump to turnover the entire pool volume. (Lower turnover time better is the pool
water clarity, quality & disinfection level).
Filtration velocity decides the filtration degree / filtration efficiency. (Lower filter velocity is better)