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Swimming pool construction


Construction of swimming pool is one of the aesthetic concerns of all pool owners. We are offering the total swimming pool civil construction contracts for private, residential pool, private pools, and commercial pools. 
We construct all types of pool in difference shape and sizes. Our civil activity includes excavation, digging, rafting, water proofing, tiling, chemical treatment, ponding with good finish to swimming pool.



Civil Construction:

There are many steps involved for building a new pool and they are outlined below:

After marking the outline of the swimming pool, excavation is carried out as per the requirement with extra allowance for the various equipment that are required to be installed in the structure e.g. main drain, light housings, skimmers, pipelines, wiring conduits etc.
Plain concrete cement for footings and floor of swimming pool of desired thickness and mix.
Rafting and R.C.C:
Steel for reinforcement as required by our structural design is laid on the base and wall area of the swimming pool. 
During civil construction all piping distribution networks are solidly bonded and the entire plumbing system hydrostatically pressure tested. 
Shuttering is placed on the inside of the swimming pool wall after which concrete is poured all over as per the structural details. 
A plaster is provided into which roof liquid is mixed which is a mortar plastisizer & integral waterproofing agent which makes the mortar water tight and also provides good workability. In all the structure, as such becomes watertight. 
Chemical Treatment: 
The surface of the joint area e.g. floor and wall will be treated with roof liquid to ensure proper sealing of all overlap joints. 
After water proofing the pool is tested for water retention for 100 % of water proofing. 
After concreting work and water proofing the most important work is select the tiles for outer finishing.
On deck area the planters and foot decking is provided. The stone, granite or tiles used as a finishing for swimming pool deck.
The edge of the swimming pool natural stone is provided for final finishing of swimming pool.



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