Swimming Pool Turnkey Solutions

We offer  a design & construction services for all type of swimming pools. We are provide all design consultation and civil construction services like conceptual design of swimming pool, theme selection, sizing of swimming pool with respect to commodity of swimmers, civil construction with water proofing, tilling, decking, ponding, rafting works. Design and sizing of swimming pool water filtration plant and disinfection system for pool water treatment. Supply of water filtration plant with installation & commissioning and training to clients for routing operation and maintenance of swimming pool.

Our designer and engineers are more than capable of providing the pool of our clients€™ choice with their expertise and experience. Right from the concept design to the installation our clients are offered all services at their convenience. Given the space and layout constraints by our clients we can provide on-site construction and installation.
We are offering the total swimming pool turnkey projects with better process, planning and efficient execution which will give the client complete successful in hand project. 
Chemtronics team coordinate projects from concept to completion with Architects, pool builders, pool contractors, MEP Consultant and end users. We hold expertise in swimming pool design consultation, structural& civil works, hydraulic engineering, swimming pool water treatment technologies and plant equipments & instruments.
We offer a Turnkey Solution to Residential, Public, Commercial and Competition Pools.

Chemtronics offer the complete turnkey solution for your swimming pool:
• Initial site survey
• Project Feasibility Study and Budgeting 
• Full design Consultation Services
• Full Project Management 
• Complete Swimming Pool Construction Program 
• Pool Water Treatment Plant as per International Standards/Guidelines
• Installation & Commissioning of Water Treatment Plant
• Water Quality Monitoring and water chemical balance
• Operation & Maintenance