Pool UV Disinfection

Now a days UV disinfection is one of the most treatment method which is used for swimming pool water treatment. UV treatment is effective against all micro organisms, bacteria and viruses.
We offer an UV System for Residential pool / Private pool, Public pool and Competition pool.
We provide an UV Systems which are durable & efficient to treat pool water according to the design & clients' requirements. Depending upon the pool volume, we can select the UV model and can be retrofitting to your existing swimming pool filtration system.

Role of UV In Swimming Pool:
• UV Completely destroys all micro- organisms, pathogens.
• UV system No leaves any residue, smell after treatment.
• UV system is not required any chemical for the treatment.
• UV systems leave no additives, no smell and no active pathogens.

System Features:
• Modular Design
• Easy to Install
• Easy to Maintain
• Less Space Requirement