Pool Chemicals

Proper water chemistry is required to keep a swimming pool safe and clean for swimmers, and maintaining swimming pool chemicals can save pool owners time and money. Water balancing of swimming pool is not such a complicated exercise. It is simply the relationship between different chemical parameters. You will probably not change the water in your pool for many years. .

A pool that is "balanced" has proper levels of pH, Total Alkalinity, Hardness and Residual Chlorine etc. therefore Swimming pool water requires daily tests of this water parameters to maintain the water balance. A pool tester is a pool care system that enables the operators to find out the disinfection level in the pool.
With main disinfection treatment, maintain the correct water chemistry in your pool is very important. Maintaining a swimming pool requires proper chemical water balance, adequate sanitation and sufficient filtration. For these three important factors we required to add chemicals for adjust the suitable water chemical balance.